Sheltered 2 Wiki


Sending out survivors is one of the main components of the game, both to explore the map and gain insight about the world surronding your shelter and to aquire precious resources that will help.

The map will not show you much at first, but there will always be at least one lootable location looking like a crashed bus in your starting vicinity.
So find your shelters trusty Radio Transmitter, right click and select "Setup Expedition" as soon as you feel ready. There's a vast world waiting to be explored!
First select who shall brave the unknown - A recommendation would be to send your most perceptive and strongest people out first. And be aware that you can not leave your shelter unmanned, so at least 1 survivor must always stay behind.
Next you fiddle with your teams inventory. Usually this is a matter of equipping weapons, maybe a bag to carry more. But sometimes you might be heading out with trade in mind and want to fill your party storage with products.
The final step before your selected survivors will march out of there is telling them where you want them to go as well as how many rations they should bring.

You can plan out a whole route and the return, leaving ration count as automatic or you can let them move to explore and manually hand them more rations so they don't get weakened if facing unknown dangers during their travels.