Sheltered 2 Wiki

Just a page dedicated to some questions that have been repeating themselves amongst users and thus have become the classical:

Frequently Asked Questions

Game Development

  • Is there a Discord chat?
  • Known issues and how to work around them?
  • Is the game in active development?
    • Yes! The Unicube team is devoted to squashing bugs and pursuing their vision for the game.
  • Where are the save files located?
    • C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\Unicube\Sheltered2

Statuses and Stats

  • Can I remove negative traits like in Sheltered 1?
    • At the moment no, but the developers are considering this for the future.
  • Can I rearrange my skills?
    • At the moment no, but the developers are considering this for the future.
  • How do I remove this nasty permanent injury or cure this debilitating mental illness?
    • You'll need to find the blueprint for the medical bed and unlock T3 crafting to build it. Have the afflicted character lie down in the bed. To cure injuries, you'll need a high-INT character (over 10) to get the Surgeon skill, and then use the medical bed while the afflicted character is in it to attempt surgery. To cure mental illnesses, you'll need a high-PER character (over 10) to get the Therapist skill, and use the bed the same way.
  • Is there any way to increase my character's stat cap?
    • You can "experiment" on a character to raise a stat, but this can only happen once per stat per character (and each attempt has a 10% chance to succeed and causes a -30 mood modifier with each attempt).


  • Where do I find level 3 and 4 crafting tables and work benches?
    • Just like level 2, these are unlocked by fulfilling certain goals for your faction. Click your faction flag to see your goals. You'll need to scroll down through them to find these - there isn't an easy way to do this for now. But to summarize: T3 needs 5 upgrades (like upgrading your water filter or weather vein) and 25 repairs (either equipment or weapons), and T4 needs you to ally with or destroy certain factions.
  • How do I get higher star materials?
    • You can craft higher star materials from any quality components if you fulfill the faction goal "Workbench Mastery." Additionally, it's speculated that higher INT character have a better chance of crafting ★★★ items, but this isn't confirmed. For raw components, the makeshift recycler (T2) and recycler (T4, requires a blueprint) both give better materials, and certain items (namely, weapons) always recycle into higher star materials. Alternately, you'll need to scavenge them from locations on the map, or trade for them with random traders or other factions. Workable locations (like the mine or recycling center) can also give ★★★ materials, and hunting has an extremely low chance to give ★★★ meat.
  • How do I keep food cold?
    • Unlike Sheltered 1, there are no freezers, so you have to build a room and put enough fans in it to lower the temperature to 0° C to keep food from spoiling. NOTE: Room size currently plays a huge part in how cold a room is, where smaller rooms are much hotter. Also, single-cell rooms seem to be bugged for temperatures at the moment, so it's recommended to build at least a 2-cell room to attempt making a freezer - but you may have more luck with a much bigger room. However, since you can easily and instantly transfer food from one storage location to another, you only need to have your food that can spoil in the cold room, and you can place a more accessible food pantry near your main living areas and transfer food when needed.


  • How does hunting work?
    • You need to select a forest tile and choose an option to "hunt." Look for a forest that has a status of "loads" of animal life for best results (note that all tiles of a single forest share the same status, so you only have to hunt on one tile). Once your character arrives, leave them there! Don't continue their travels past that point with additional waypoints or they will do nothing. You will see a special "hunt" icon for that party that fills extremely slowly, similar to the "searching" icon or "traveling" icon. Occasionally you will have an encounter: sometimes these will mess up your hunting and force you to start all over. Just "change route" and reselect that area and hunt again. Finally, once the "hunt" icon fills, you'll get a notification (like finishing a search) and you'll receive your reward. NOTE: Since the automatic option for taking rations only takes your original journey into account, you should be sure to bring additional rations for your journey back home!


  • Which factions should I ally with? Which factions should I destroy?
    • The choice is completely yours. Destroying factions is usually much easier and quicker, whereas allying with factions grants you special bonuses that you wouldn't otherwise get from destroying them and will not be able to get later in the game. Destroying all factions makes the game considerably harder as you won't be able to trade with factions.