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Unicube devs are actively working to improve the Sheltered 2 experience and get rid of the below list of issues and bugs, according to their own priorites. If your issue is listed below, please review patchnotes and news from sources such as Steam client to review updates in regards to your particular issue. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

If you have encountered a bug or issue that you wish to report and do not see listed, Unicube has asked to please use the following e-mail for bug reports. Please be thorough in explaining the issue, the steps to reliably reproduce it if possible and attach a savegame copy if you have such avaliable.

Savegame data can be found here by default: C:\Users\*USERNAME*\AppData\LocalLow\Unicube\Sheltered2

E-mail is:

Known issues

  • Users have reported issues with using Ultrawide resolutions.
  • Users have reported issues with using Windows 7 - Windows 7 is not supported and this is not subject to change.

Known bugs

  • Inventories
    • (Severe: results in item loss) Pantry, medical, and junk pile inventory: item deletion occurs during 2-way transfers if max inventory weight is reached at any point during transfer
    • (Cosmetic) Clicking 'Take all' when checking junk pile, then switching to medical tab will result in an incorrect inventory view until closed and re-opened
    • Searching for bottles of water in storage and then adding them to supply will correctly give plastic but not add water to the supply; it also does not remove the water bottle from storage until the storage screen is closed and reopened.
    • (Severe: results in item loss) Patches fixed "Added a limit to the number of craft jobs that can be queued on the workbench" - but this is still an issue when choosing to plant seeds, repair equipment, recycle items at the workbench, recycle items at the armory, or mix drugs
    • (fixed in 1.0.12) Placing an electric knife or a spiked knuckle duster in a T4 recylcer and then removing it still leaves the lower-tier weapon in the output screen, and will generate that weapon
  • Factions
    • Trading with a faction and getting a terrible deal for yourself will cause reputation damage with the faction (unknown if this only happens after destroying a faction or not)
    • (fixed in 1.0.12) Sometimes trading with a faction will grant negative rep
    • (fixed in 1.0.13) The APR-16 faction reward weapon has no ammo nor any way to create ammo
    • Completing the third quest for the Old Clan gives no reward
    • Rare item missions: if radioed to complete but do not have the rare item the job will get stuck unable to be completed
    • When completing the faction job to "capture a member from X faction," the wrong prisoner can be taken if you have more than one (it is unknown if this only happens to factionless prisoners, or if the job always takes the prisoner from the first cell built)
    • (Rare) Destroyed factions can still attack; apparently the last destroyed faction isn't completely gone; this can lead to a situation where the "End" quest is triggered over and over, covering the map with "End Game" tiles
    • (fixed in 1.0.14) Sometimes quest objectives don't show up on the map
  • Faction Goals
    • (Cosmetic) The "Advanced Mechanics" repair vehicles faction goal isn't actually part of gameplay
  • Construction
    • Construction of more then 1 snare trap at a time can cause them to cease to catch rabbits
    • Deconstructing a rabbit snare with a rabbit caught will cause a visual bug where rabbit remains and repeating this 3 times will break spawning.
    • (fixed in 1.0.11) T1 Water containers can not be deconstructed
    • Prison beds lose durability with no way to repair them (workaround: deconstruct the prison and rebuild)
    • Medical bed only seems to allow corpses from your own faction or prisoners to be added for an autopsy
    • (fixed in 1.0.12) Effective planter continues to degrade even when not in use and cannot be completely deactivated
    • (fixed in 1.0.11) Planters and greenhouses always return ★ results unless you have no ★ seeds of that type in your storage
    • (Tooltip) Cabbages' description says it can only grow from 16-18°C but it can grow from 12-22°C; rice is also incorrect
    • (fixed in 1.0.11) T3 sink doesn't seem to work after first use
    • (Possible bug, may be intended gameplay) Unable to remove burnt down items from shelter
    • (fixed in 1.0.11) Characters won't use a second table if the first is occupied
    • (Fixed in upcoming patch) Saving while someone is eating at a table can cause the character to become stuck and never move again
    • (fixed in 1.0.14) Sometimes a few random blueprints can never be found
    • (fixed in 1.0.12) (Cosmetic) Duplicate blueprints can be found when searching the same location
  • Skills
    • (Tooltip) Perception skill "Automatic Repairing" actually works at about 14%, not 0%
  • Battles
    • (Cosmetic) Saving and loading with shelter-breach corpses left unattended will render these corpses non-interactable (workaround: loading the game can cause the corpses to return to normal until the next time the game is saved)
    • Enemies running away during combat can remove all UI options from the combat interface, forcing a reload to continue playing
    • (Cosmetic) Alt-tabbing during a battle can sometimes move your characters far off screen
  • Weather
    • (fixed in 1.0.11) Heating is insanely more difficult than cooling
  • Interface
    • (Cosmetic) Using First Aid kits from inventory on the map screen will update a character's health, but the map screen's health for that character isn't displayed correctly until leaving the map screen and opening it again
    • (Cosmetic) Tooltips sometimes "stick" and don't go away until reloading
    • (Cosmetic) There are multiple issues with carrying corpses or items where they do not disappear from the character's hands if the job is cancelled or the game is reloaded
    • (Cosmetic) Sometimes bookshelves and the tools for the workbench don't show when loading the game (workaround: put the items in the junkpile and then get them out, or try reloading)
    • (fixed in 1.0.12) Floppy disks occasionally will not work (workaround: keep trying over and over, or move the radio transmitter)
    • A truck in a garage will slowly sink downward into the ground and eventually become unusable on each save/load. (Workaround: each time you send a truck on a mission, it will reset the height.)

Game Patch History

Experimental Branch

Many of the bugs have been fixed on the "experimental branch" of the game, which is more or less a preview of upcoming patches, but may also contain new bugs. This version of the game can be accessed and installed through your Steam client. If you're looking for experimental branch patch notes you can find them here.

Released Patches

Older patch notes will be archived to their own articles at the links below. Or you can view them all in one big page.

Patch Notes - 1.0.10 - 20th Oct 2021

  • Fixed issue with visitors no longer arriving
  • Fixed an issue where arranged trade meetings would become broken if the region is no longer controlled by the faction
  • Fixed issue where drug items could be traded infinitely
  • Fixed issue where members could become stuck when being loaned out to another faction as part of a quest
  • Fixed issue with final part of Los Muertos quest line which would not allow it to be completed
  • Fixed issue which caused objects to make continuous sounds
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to duplicate items from a crafting ghost
  • Fixed issue where faction members would use the sink when there was no water
  • Fixed an issue where a destroyed faction's faction events would stay on the map
  • Fixed broken drug mixing recipes
  • Laboratory mixing history is now retained on save/load
  • Fixed an issue where the max integrity of an object could be improved by partially deconstructing and then reconstructing it again
  • Fixed issue with breachers running off during breach
  • Fixed an issue where exiting out of a trade or walking away from an encounter, whilst working a location, will result in the loss of the generated items
  • Fixed an issue where vehicle parts would be lost when deconstructing vehicles
  • Fixed an issue where hostages for rescue jobs would spawn on the incorrect tiles
  • Reduced the buffer zone for the map camera edge of screen scrolling
  • Fixed an issue where a room would be created on save/load where a partition wall is partially built
  • Fixed an issue where the wind speed (for the wind turbines) would randomise every time you saved and reloaded
  • Updated the stairwell model to fill the cell
  • Can now deconstruct the starting pantry and medicine cabinet
  • Added sand and silicon to workable Mines. Removed metal from workable Mines. Added metal to workable Recycling Centres
  • Working workable locations will now end when 10 items have been crafted
  • Body part targeting no longer resets to the torso and will now remember whatever it was last set to on the previous attack
  • Balancing
    • All 3 stamina melee weapons have had their damage reduced
    • All ranged weapons have had their damage and stamina per shot increased
    • CQC skill has been reduced to a single level instead of two. The damage of the attack has been reduced to 40%

Patch Notes - 1.0.9 - 8th Oct 2021

Patch Notes - 1.0.8 - 6th Oct 2021

Patch Notes - 1.0.7 - 1st Oct 2021

Patch Notes - 1.0.6 - 29th Sept 2021

Patch Notes - 1.0.5 - 28th Sept 2021

Patch Notes - 1.0.4 - 24th Sept 2021

Patch Notes - 1.0.3 - 23rd Sept 2021

  • 1.0.2 - 22nd Sept 2021
    • Fixed combat end screen unresponsive
  • 1.0.1 - 21st Sept 2021
    • Fixed Chinese language Tutorial crash.
  • 1.0.0 - 21st Sept 2021 release date