Sheltered 2 Wiki

The laboratory is a constructed piece of equipment where players can craft homemade medications (and actual medications once a certain Faction Goal has been achieved) and mix consumables using herbs they have grown or found.

There are two laboratories, the makeshift laboratory (tier 2 workbench) and the laboratory (tier 3 workbench). The higher tier laboratory requires discovery and addition of the blueprint to the table.

When trying to Mix drugs, the recipe must be discovered. The players must add in 5 ingredients then click create, after each attempt at mixing, the number of correct ingredients for a specific drug is shown in the "history" tab when it is hovered over. Players must use this info to try and work out the correct ingredients (usually up to 3 different) and then the quantity needed, for instance if it says all 5 are correct you have the right ingredients but it is of different amounts of those ingredients. Each time you make a new game the drug's recipes will randomise so that players have to rediscover them through this process with each playthrough.

Note : The Laboratory is able to create the same drugs as the Makeshift Laboratory but without their negative effects.