Sheltered 2 Wiki

Patch notes for main branch of the game, experimental branch patch notes can be found here.


Steam News - Patch 1.0.14 - 2nd Nov 2021

  • Fixed another issue which caused quest markers to disappear after loading a save
  • Fixed issues with solar panel dirtiness levels going into negative values
  • Fixed issue with blueprints spawning at HQs - Any that have spawned at HQs on current saves will be repositioned to another location on the map
  • Fixed an issue with the camera going out of bounds


Steam News - Patch 1.0.13 - 2nd Nov 2021

  • Fixed an issue where the APR ammo would not unlock when the weapon is unlocked (will now also apply to saves with the APR already unlocked)
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to add blueprints to the Drafting Table
  • Fixed an issue where active quests would disappear from the map upon loading a save


Steam News - Patch 1.0.12 - 2nd Nov 2021

  • Fixed an issue with automatically assigned travel rations going missing
  • Fixed a weapon duplication bug
  • Fixed an issue where Green Beans would be referenced instead of Peas for desires
  • Fixed an issue with the “ransom” quest which stopped the reward being given
  • Fixed an issue with the “pause in background” option not updating correctly in different languages
  • Fixed an issue with the stats of the bear in the CTK Mob’s quest line
  • Fixed an issue which resulted in huge reputation losses after multiple encounters
  • Fixed an issue where the shelter storage capacity could become incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where new storage objects could be used before they are constructed
  • Fixed an issue where the room overlay information could go missing
  • Fixed an issue where the main menu would appear on top of the save slots
  • Fixed an issue where the lab could become damaged by fire and become irreparable
  • Fixed issues with floppy disks disappearing and/or not being useable on the computer
  • Fixed an issue with planters not informing the player when plants were fully grown
  • Rage attack can no longer target the head
  • Fixed an issue where the APR ammo would not unlock when the weapon is unlocked
  • Increased the chances that the Wind Turbines will reach maximum power output
  • Fixed an issue with internal planters losing integrity when not in use
  • Fixed an issue where Rescue jobs could spawn on water
  • Fixed an issue where the upgrade options on objects would become inaccessible
  • Duplicate blueprints will no longer spawn on the map
  • Can now rename characters using the locker
  • Will no longer lose reputation with a faction when backing out of a trade. Can still lose reputation if the trade fails (all offers are refused by the trader)
  • Automatically assigned travel rations now take into account the return trip
  • Character info panel positions now saved so they remain in the same position when loading the save
  • Rain now cleans solar panels
  • Reduced the amount of rubber in the Inflatable Raft recipe
  • Can now recycle equipment (bags, body armours, binoculars etc.)
  • End-game damage scaling implemented


Steam News - Patch 1.0.11 - 2nd Nov 2021

  • Fixed issue with faction members using sinks when their dirtiness was less than 50%
  • Fixed issue with ration crafting where it would not use the food the player selected to convert to rations
  • Can no longer queue multiple upgrades for a single object
  • Fixed an issue with the incinerator panel displaying the incorrect burn times
  • Fixed issue with incinerator panel displaying “$efficiency$%” on the efficiency label
  • Updated the incinerator object description to state is generates “power” not “fuel”
  • Faction jobs that require a target faction will no longer spawn if there are no other factions left
  • Fixed issue where members would not use any tables past the first one built
  • Fixed an issue with rescue jobs which could result in you fighting the same faction who gave you the job
  • The Russian translation of the Pistol now displays correctly
  • Fixed an issue with items being lost when transferring to the shelter (if the shelter’s inventory capacity was close to max).
  • Fixed an issue where the dialogue in rescue missions would not display correctly
  • Can now deconstruct the starting water butts
  • Added a notice to item transfers to state when items will be transferred to the junk pile
  • When working at a workable location the party will now finish working when they have generated ten items
  • Added a drop shadow to the integrity bar on items to make it more visible to people who are colourblind
  • Added item sorting options to item panels (sort by weight, quality, name, fuel value, or trade value)
  • Tweaked rates of temperature change in rooms to help balance heating/cooling systems
  • Updated the temperature rate of change label to display an increasing and decreasing value


Steam News - Patch 1.0.10 - 20th Oct 2021

  • Fixed issue with visitors no longer arriving
  • Fixed an issue where arranged trade meetings would become broken if the region is no longer controlled by the faction
  • Fixed issue where drug items could be traded infinitely
  • Fixed issue where members could become stuck when being loaned out to another faction as part of a quest
  • Fixed issue with final part of Los Muertos quest line which would not allow it to be completed
  • Fixed issue which caused objects to make continuous sounds
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to duplicate items from a crafting ghost
  • Fixed issue where faction members would use the sink when there was no water
  • Fixed an issue where a destroyed faction’s faction events would stay on the map
  • Fixed broken drug mixing recipes
  • Laboratory mixing history is now retained on save/load
  • Fixed an issue where the max integrity of an object could be improved by partially deconstructing and then reconstructing it again
  • Fixed issue with breachers running off during breach
  • Fixed an issue where exiting out of a trade or walking away from an encounter, whilst working a location, will result in the loss of the generated items
  • Fixed an issue where vehicle parts would be lost when deconstructing vehicles
  • Fixed an issue where hostages for rescue jobs would spawn on the incorrect tiles
  • Reduced the buffer zone for the map camera edge of screen scrolling
  • Fixed an issue where a room would be created on save/load where a partition wall is partially built
  • Fixed an issue where the wind speed (for the wind turbines) would randomise every time you saved and reloaded
  • Weapon balancing
    • All 3 stamina melee weapons have had their damage reduced
    • All ranged weapons have had their damage and stamina per shot increased
  • Updated the stairwell model to fill the cell
  • Can now deconstruct the starting pantry and medicine cabinet
  • Added sand and silicon to workable Mines. Removed metal from workable Mines. Added metal to workable Recycling Centres
  • Working workable locations will now end when 10 items have been crafted
  • Body part targeting no longer resets to the torso and will now remember whatever it was last set to on the previous attack
  • CQC skill has been reduced to a single level instead of two. The damage of the attack has been reduced to 40%


Steam News - Patch 1.0.9 - 8th Oct 2021

  • Fixed an issue where food would disappear when transferred between pantries
  • Fixed issue where the player could receive jobs for factions that had been wiped out
  • Repairing equipment no longer costs the same as crafting a new one
  • Fixed issue with faction goals not displaying faction names correctly when discovered
  • Fixed issue where the wind turbine would never reach maximum power output
  • Fixed issue where weapons could be duplicated
  • Fixed an issue where you would not receive resources back after deconstructing an object
  • Fixed an issue where crafted rations would go to the junk pile if the first pantry was full
  • Fixed issue with two members using the shower at the same time
  • Fixed issue with ‘sleep disturbed’ mood modifier being added when a sleep job was cancelled before the member had reached the bed
  • Fixed an issue which meant The Old Clan would never attack an outpost during a faction war event
  • Fixed an issue with prison cells being used as stairwells
  • Fixed an issue where quest encounters would freeze after trying to add an item to the party inventory if it is already full
  • Lightning rod now generates double the amount of energy when struck
  • Lightning rod now has 20% chance of stopping lightning striking the filters
  • Lightning rod now degrades when struck as well as slowly over time
  • Added code to repair broken saves where rescue jobs had spawned on mountains
  • Faction members will no longer attempt to rest if they have an infection
  • Faction members will no longer clean the surface
  • The Mine Shop tile now displays the correct encounter tile when visiting (Quest: “Invest Invest Invest”)


Steam News - Patch 1.0.8 - 6th Oct 2021

  • Fixed an issue where you could claim an outpost/HQ without a fight
  • Possible fix for characters becoming unresponsive inside the shelter
  • Possible fix for breach overlay locking out control of faction members
  • Added a limit to the number of craft jobs that can be queued on the workbench - Equal to the amount of free job slots the selected character has available. Preventing excess jobs not being added to the job queue and losing crafting items.
  • Fixed issue where faction members would not be able to access small pantries located above beds. Also added in checks to make sure the best available food is taken.
  • Fixed issue where the incorrect amount of travel rations is displayed in the party inventory
  • Fixed issue where factions would continuously attack the same outpost
  • Fixed an issue where characters with 20 intelligence would only craft 1-star items
  • Fixed issue with harvested crops never returning two seeds
  • Fixed issue where food degradation level on pantries could show as negative
  • Tweaked AI so faction members will try to avoid wandering into rooms that are not a comfortable temperature
  • Fixed issue where traders would spawn on unreachable tiles


Steam News - Patch 1.0.7 - 1st Oct 2021

  • Fixed null reference on Options Panel which was freezing the game
  • Correct experience will now be given when using exercise equipment, stopping characters with the Slow Learner weakness trait getting stuck at 1xp
  • Stats which have been modified by mental and physical conditions will now display the unmodified value in brackets after the current level
  • Possible fix for headbutt not dazing
  • Fixed issue where main storage and pantries would display each other’s contents
  • Fixed broken upgrades on Water Purifier and Water Filter objects. Water Purifier also now displays max water capacity in tooltip
  • Possible fix for characters becoming stuck on expeditions
  • Fixed issue where the player’s characters could get stuck carrying a corpse
  • Fixed issue with medical items duplicating after a breach
  • Fixed issue where characters sleeping in beds would register as being in another room, causing them to become hot or cold (if the temp was too low or high in the other room)
  • Fixed an issue where items could be lost when using the Take All button after using the filter options on the item transfer screen
  • Locations now restock items - 1 item every 48 hours (once visited for the first time)
  • Petrol spawn chance increased at Petrol Stations
  • Added checks to quest spawning to check if destination is valid


Steam News - Patch 1.0.6 - 29th Sept 2021

  • Fixed issue stopping you completing Rescue jobs
  • Fixed an issue where the difficulty of regions would permanently increase - Should also repair saves which have been affected by this issue
  • Fixed some power system issues to do with objects not being powered correctly and displaying the wrong power status
  • Possible fix for NPCs performing multiple attacks
  • Fixed issue where negative mood modifiers from physical and mental conditions are not removed when cured
  • Fixed issue with infections not passing over time
  • Fixed issue where prisoners would move into another cell upon loading a save
  • Fixed issue with loading into a game where a prisoner was the currently selected member
  • Can no longer perform a trade if you have exceeded your weight capacity. Stops traded items disappearing
  • Fixed issues with trying to build rooms on the bottom layer of the shelter


Steam News - Patch 1.0.5 - 28th Sept 2021

  • Fixed issue where faction members would become stuck when pathing to become unconscious after loading a save
  • Fixed an issue where visitors to the shelter would stop spawning
  • Fixed issue with the temperatures in Autumn
  • Fixed issue where faction encounters would stop spawning after day 100


Steam News - Patch 1.04 - 24th Sept 2021

  • Holding cell light is now removed when deconstructed
  • Fixed issue with Recycler stopping drawing power
  • Fixed issue where prisoners leaving would cause faction members to become unresponsive
  • Fixed issue with Los Muertos prisoners having corrupted mesh when in holding cell
  • Fixed issue with Weather Manager not spawning rain when loading a save
  • Fixed issue with Water Filter not registering current rain fall when loading a save
  • Fixed issue where you could gain very high stats during customisation by switching to a custom stats setup and then switching body type
  • Fixed issue with food going missing when cancelling a queued eat job
  • Possible fix implemented for rain not coming when forecast
  • Removed “Fuel low” warnings from notifications panel
  • Temporarily disabled planter thief


Steam News - Patch 1.03 - 23rd Sept 2021

  • Broken rabbit spawning fixed
  • Character AI settings now save correctly
  • Fixed infinite metal exploit
  • Fixed issue where items in the recycler would go missing when a breach began
  • Exercise bike animation fix
  • Character AI will no longer choose to use exercise equipment outside of the character’s level range
  • Unassigned rations no longer go missing on expeditions
  • Leader traits now save correctly when saving the faction preset
  • All open panels now close when ending the tutorial early
  • Fixed issue with shelter door light
  • Fix for two rabbits getting caught in a single snare
  • The ‘Relishes a Challenge’ skill no longer triggers when fighting one enemy
  • Dismissing a faction goal prompt no longer dismisses the following one
  • Fixed issue with light reflections on boiler
  • ‘Knick Artery’ skill will now stack bleeding statuses correctly
  • Encounter camera sway temporarily disabled
  • Adjusted odds of seeds returning from harvesting plants
    • 20% chance of 0 seeds
    • 40% chance of 1 seed
    • 40% chance of 2 seeds
  • Made the job page accessible on the faction radio panel when a quest is available
  • Characters can no longer exercise if too tired
  • Junk items filter option added to recycling panels and item transfers
  • Reduced the tick rate of character needs by ~30%
  • Missing SFX for ‘Headbutt’ skill added
  • No longer display the ‘take prisoner’ option on combatants that have fled
  • Increased the amount of wool, leather and nylon gained from recycling Burned Clothes
  • Greenhouse no longer draws power
  • Can no longer rearrange burnt out ghost objects
  • Font size of weapon description when picking up dropped weapons increased