Sheltered 2 Wiki

Patch Notes - Experimental - v1.0.12 - 25th Oct 2021

  • Fixed an issue with automatically assigned travel rations going missing
  • Fixed a weapon duplication bug
  • Fixed an issue where Green Beans would be referenced instead of Peas for desires
  • Fixed an issue with the “ransom” quest which stopped the reward being given
  • Fixed an issue with the “pause in background” option not updating correctly in different
  • languages
  • Fixed an issue with the stats of the bear in the CTK Mob’s quest line
  • Fixed an issue which resulted in huge reputation losses after multiple encounters
  • Fixed an issue where the shelter storage capacity could become incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where new storage objects could be used before they are constructed
  • Fixed an issue where the room overlay information could go missing
  • Fixed an issue where the main menu would appear on top of the save slots
  • Fixed an issue where the lab could become damaged by fire and become unrepairable
  • Fixed issues with floppy disks disappearing and/or not being useable on the computer
  • Fixed an issue with planters not informing the player when plants were fully grown
  • Rage attack can no longer target the head
  • Fixed an issue where the APR ammo would not unlock when the weapon is unlocked
  • Increased the chances that the Wind Turbines will reach maximum power output
  • Fixed an issue with internal planters losing integrity when not in use
  • Fixed an issue where Rescue jobs could spawn on water
  • Fixed an issue where the upgrade options on objects would become inaccessible
  • Duplicate blueprints will no longer spawn on the map
  • Can now rename characters using the locker
  • Will no longer lose reputation with a faction when backing out of a trade. Can still lose
  • reputation if the trade fails (all offers are refused by the trader)
  • Automatically assigned travel rations now take into account the return trip
  • Character info panel positions now saved so they remain in the same position when loading
  • the save
  • Rain now cleans solar panels
  • Reduced the amount of rubber in the Inflatable Raft recipe
  • Can now recycle equipment (bags, body armours, binoculars etc.)
  • End-game damage scaling implemented