Patch Notes - v1.0.3 - 23rd Sept 2021

Steam News - Patch 1.03 - 23rd Sept 2021

  • Broken rabbit spawning fixed
  • Character AI settings now save correctly
  • Fixed infinite metal exploit
  • Fixed issue where items in the recycler would go missing when a breach began
  • Exercise bike animation fix
  • Character AI will no longer choose to use exercise equipment outside of the character’s level range
  • Unassigned rations no longer go missing on expeditions
  • Leader traits now save correctly when saving the faction preset
  • All open panels now close when ending the tutorial early
  • Fixed issue with shelter door light
  • Fix for two rabbits getting caught in a single snare
  • The ‘Relishes a Challenge’ skill no longer triggers when fighting one enemy
  • Dismissing a faction goal prompt no longer dismisses the following one
  • Fixed issue with light reflections on boiler
  • ‘Knick Artery’ skill will now stack bleeding statuses correctly
  • Encounter camera sway temporarily disabled
  • Adjusted odds of seeds returning from harvesting plants
    • 20% chance of 0 seeds
    • 40% chance of 1 seed
    • 40% chance of 2 seeds
  • Made the job page accessible on the faction radio panel when a quest is available
  • Characters can no longer exercise if too tired
  • Junk items filter option added to recycling panels and item transfers
  • Reduced the tick rate of character needs by ~30%
  • Missing SFX for ‘Headbutt’ skill added
  • No longer display the ‘take prisoner’ option on combatants that have fled
  • Increased the amount of wool, leather and nylon gained from recycling Burned Clothes
  • Greenhouse no longer draws power
  • Can no longer rearrange burnt out ghost objects
  • Font size of weapon description when picking up dropped weapons increased
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