Sheltered 2 Wiki

Steam News - Patch 1.0.6 - 29th Sept 2021

  • Fixed issue stopping you completing Rescue jobs
  • Fixed an issue where the difficulty of regions would permanently increase - Should also repair saves which have been affected by this issue
  • Fixed some power system issues to do with objects not being powered correctly and displaying the wrong power status
  • Possible fix for NPCs performing multiple attacks
  • Fixed issue where negative mood modifiers from physical and mental conditions are not removed when cured
  • Fixed issue with infections not passing over time
  • Fixed issue where prisoners would move into another cell upon loading a save
  • Fixed issue with loading into a game where a prisoner was the currently selected member
  • Can no longer perform a trade if you have exceeded your weight capacity. Stops traded items disappearing
  • Fixed issues with trying to build rooms on the bottom layer of the shelter