Patch Notes - v1.0.7 - 1st Oct 2021

Steam News - Patch 1.0.7 - 1st Oct 2021

  • Fixed null reference on Options Panel which was freezing the game
  • Correct experience will now be given when using exercise equipment, stopping characters with the Slow Learner weakness trait getting stuck at 1xp
  • Stats which have been modified by mental and physical conditions will now display the unmodified value in brackets after the current level
  • Possible fix for headbutt not dazing
  • Fixed issue where main storage and pantries would display each other’s contents
  • Fixed broken upgrades on Water Purifier and Water Filter objects. Water Purifier also now displays max water capacity in tooltip
  • Possible fix for characters becoming stuck on expeditions
  • Fixed issue where the player’s characters could get stuck carrying a corpse
  • Fixed issue with medical items duplicating after a breach
  • Fixed issue where characters sleeping in beds would register as being in another room, causing them to become hot or cold (if the temp was too low or high in the other room)
  • Fixed an issue where items could be lost when using the Take All button after using the filter options on the item transfer screen
  • Locations now restock items - 1 item every 48 hours (once visited for the first time)
  • Petrol spawn chance increased at Petrol Stations
  • Added checks to quest spawning to check if destination is valid
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