Sheltered 2 Wiki

Steam News - Patch 1.0.8 - 6th Oct 2021

  • Fixed an issue where you could claim an outpost/HQ without a fight
  • Possible fix for characters becoming unresponsive inside the shelter
  • Possible fix for breach overlay locking out control of faction members
  • Added a limit to the number of craft jobs that can be queued on the workbench - Equal to the amount of free job slots the selected character has available. Preventing excess jobs not being added to the job queue and losing crafting items.
  • Fixed issue where faction members would not be able to access small pantries located above beds. Also added in checks to make sure the best available food is taken.
  • Fixed issue where the incorrect amount of travel rations is displayed in the party inventory
  • Fixed issue where factions would continuously attack the same outpost
  • Fixed an issue where characters with 20 intelligence would only craft 1-star items
  • Fixed issue with harvested crops never returning two seeds
  • Fixed issue where food degradation level on pantries could show as negative
  • Tweaked AI so faction members will try to avoid wandering into rooms that are not a comfortable temperature
  • Fixed issue where traders would spawn on unreachable tiles