Sheltered 2 Wiki

Steam News - Patch 1.0.9 - 8th Oct 2021

  • Fixed an issue where food would disappear when transferred between pantries
  • Fixed issue where the player could receive jobs for factions that had been wiped out
  • Repairing equipment no longer costs the same as crafting a new one
  • Fixed issue with faction goals not displaying faction names correctly when discovered
  • Fixed issue where the wind turbine would never reach maximum power output
  • Fixed issue where weapons could be duplicated
  • Fixed an issue where you would not receive resources back after deconstructing an object
  • Fixed an issue where crafted rations would go to the junk pile if the first pantry was full
  • Fixed issue with two members using the shower at the same time
  • Fixed issue with ‘sleep disturbed’ mood modifier being added when a sleep job was cancelled before the member had reached the bed
  • Fixed an issue which meant The Old Clan would never attack an outpost during a faction war event
  • Fixed an issue with prison cells being used as stairwells
  • Fixed an issue where quest encounters would freeze after trying to add an item to the party inventory if it is already full
  • Lightning rod now generates double the amount of energy when struck
  • Lightning rod now has 20% chance of stopping lightning striking the filters
  • Lightning rod now degrades when struck as well as slowly over time
  • Added code to repair broken saves where rescue jobs had spawned on mountains
  • Faction members will no longer attempt to rest if they have an infection
  • Faction members will no longer clean the surface
  • The Mine Shop tile now displays the correct encounter tile when visiting (Quest: “Invest Invest Invest”)