Sheltered 2 Wiki

Character Statistics
Strength{{{Text}}} Strength
Carrying capacity, unarmed damage and which melee weapons can be equipped.
Dexterity{{{Text}}} Dexterity
Turn priority in combat, chance of blocking or dodging attacks and which ranged weapons can be equipped.
Assumably affects chance to hit in combat.
Intelligence{{{Text}}} Intelligence
Max integrity of crafted objects and quality of crafted items.
Higher durability items don't have to be repaired as often, higher quality items have higher value.
Charisma{{{Text}}} Charisma
Chances of successfully recruiting strangers, chances of creating positive relationships, chances of getting cheaper trade deals.
Party leader charisma affects chance of successfully trading during an encounter.
Perception{{{Text}}} Perception
How many items are located when searching, time given to disarm traps.
Scavenging is one of the most important game mechanics, so this skill is likely important.
Fortitude{{{Text}}} Fortitude
Max health, radiation resistance, how long an illness lasts.
Possibly also resistance to contracting an illness to begin with.

A character's starting stat also determine their maximum potential stat.

Stat Maximums
Start Max Start Max Start Max
1 10-12 2 12-14 3 14-16
4 16-18 5 18-20 6+ 18-20

This means if you start with a 1 in Strength, your maximum possible strength will be randomly between 10 and 12. You can "experiment" on a character to raise a stat, but this can only happen once per character (and each attempt has a 10% chance to succeed and causes a -30 mood modifier with each attempt).

Each stat also has their own skill tree. Leveling up a stat gains 1 point to spend in the tree. All of a character's starting skill tree points are randomly spent.