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Work Sites are locations upon the map to which an expedition party can be sent to produce goods. Unlike searching a salvage site, faction members can work to generate resources at a worksite for 10 Items. The speed in which it is done can be boosted by the Production Manager skill in the charisma skill tree, up to a maximum of 30%.

Work Sites are the best places to find high quality materials, but your party will trigger the encounter chance of the tile with every work shift until the task is cancelled to collect the rewards. Junk items will always be low quality.

Location Travel Time Total Discoverable Items Produced
Waterplant (Workable) 2 Dirty Bottled Water ★★★
Bottled Water ★★★
Factory (Workable) Bulb ★★★
Circuit Board ★★★
Circuit Breaker ★★★
Fuse ★★★
Wiring ★★★
Lumberyard (Workable) Log
Rubber ★★★
Wood ★★★
Recycling Plant (Workable) Metal ★★★
Metal Shavings ★★★
Plastic ★★★
Mine (Workable) Gold Scrap ★★★
Sand ★★★
Silicon ★★★
Silver Scrap ★★★
Farm (Workable) Wool ★★★
Nylon ★★★